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My wellness journey began in 2012 when my personal training job led me to participate in competitive CrossFit and Olympic lifting. The CrossFit lifestyle opened doors for me to expand my natural coaching and athletic talents. Teaching classes and training with clients nourished my heartfelt passion to help others reach their true potential. I was truly growing stronger as a person as well as a human body. Unfortunately, with growth, there can be accompanying pain.

Over the course of my CrossFit career, I suffered frequent low back, shoulder, and quad injuries. One day of particularly bad suffering, I walked into the local chiropractor’s office right next door to my gym. After receiving hands on treatment and implementing preventative therapy into my training, I stopped experiencing injuries as frequently. I also noticed my body recovering in half the amount of time it was taking before.

The difference in my own performance and recovery time inspired me! I began to incorporate the injury preventing techniques into my coaching. My passion to help others reached a new level as I realized I could improve their CrossFit performance as well their quality of life outside of the gym. This led me to attend more training and seminars, I felt excited and determined to continue learning. I received my bachelor’s in biology in June 2016 and after 6 months off, I was eager to start my continued education at Palmer College of Chiropractic.

While attending Palmer, I continued lifting and coaching. I was learning chiropractic techniques and treatments from shadowing specialty doctors, while also being treated by them for my actual injuries. These techniques include receptor therapies, myofascial therapies, and preventative exercises that I knew I would integrate into my practice. I also shadowed doctors with unique modalities and therapies, like Nero Emotional Technique (NET). Through NET classes, I discovered my lower back pain was not caused by CrossFit injuries alone. It was pain driven by stress from the emotional incident I experienced in childhood. I realized that ailments and pain are more than just physical issues. They can be emotional as well as chemical(nutrition) related.

From the time I was young, I had severe stomach pain and fatigue after meals. I saw multiple GI specialists. They speculated I could be suffering from Chron’s disease or herniations, but none of them seemed to have a solution or diagnosis. Many years later, while attending chiropractic school; I discovered I had parasites, an overgrowth of Candida, H. Pylori, and Adrenal Fatigue. This took hands-on learning to a new level. The doctor who helped me discover this, helped me remove these infections with natural holistic methods, like taking herbs. Within three months, I noticed significant changes in my energy, my GI pain had subsided, and I was parasite free.

 I hold the utmost gratitude towards my nutritional teaching doctor. I had a firsthand understanding of how these infections affect the human body and removing them greatly increased my quality of life. My understanding of chronic pain/issues had been transformed.

My vision for patient care at Transcend Wellness is drawn from my own personal experience with injuries and ailments. Whether it is potential nutrition-based ailments or sports injuries I am here to help. I understand that no two people or injuries are the same. Together we will create a custom recovery/treatment plan specific to your needs and focused on your long-term success in wellness.

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